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Volunteers Supporting Volunteers


The NT SES Volunteers Association is funded through a raffle program operated by the National SES Volunteers Association.  Funds raised through ticket purchases in the NT are directed to the NT SES Volunteers Association.

OneContact operates the Raffles on behalf of the National SES Volunteers Association.  If you would like to support us then follow this link to purchase a ticket or call 1300 707 344.



The NT SES Volunteers Association was registered on 19 July 2016 by a small group of volunteers with the aim of providing support to their fellow members.  With the help of the National SES Volunteers Association and our sister organisations in each State and Territory we are raising funds to assist our fellow SES members through a variety of Programs. 


We assist the 30 NTES volunteer units around the Territory to apply for grants to build the capacity of their Unit to assist their local communities in preparing for and responding to disasters.  An recent example is the Katherine Volunteer Unit was successful in a grants for gear bags and hydration packs. 


The NT SES Volunteers Association has recently met with the Chief Minister to discuss its aims and objectives in supporting our members.  It was a productive meeting with the Chief Minister supporting the Association.The Association meets regularly with the Director of the NTES which allows us to consult and work for the best outcomes for the volunteers of the NTES.




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please fill out the following form

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Phone: 0458 203 112

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The NT SES Volunteers Association was formed in 2016 by a small group of NT SES Volunteers with the aim of working to support their fellow volunteer members throughout the NT.  While in our early stages of establishment the Volunteers Association aims to  work closely with the NT Emergency Service in providing the best support and opportunities for our volunteers in areas such as training and uniforms

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